Ham Radio

This is a holding location for the new KJ4HVL homepage.

Current Gear:

VHF/UHF TRX: Yaesu FT-897 / Yaesu FT-817ND w/ standard hand mic
VHF/UHF Ant: Diamond X50A +4.5dB @142MHz +7.2dB @444MHz

HF/6m TRX: Yaesu FTDX10 w/ MD-100A8X Mic and SP-30 external speaker
HF/6m Ant (1): 53' End Fed Random Wire via 9:1 UnUn (tuner required)
HF/6m Ant (2): MP1C Base Loaded Short Vertical (manual tune, touch up with ATU)

Radio Propagation Data:

External Solar Dashboard

Latest Contacts: